The Message of the Stained GLass

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The message of the stained glass images revolves around the revelation of God. God graciously discloses Himself to us as humans because we could never know or understand the infinite God properly without this revelation.

The “hands” represent God’s hands (we are speaking anthropomorphically of course, since God is a spirit, and doesn’t need or have actual physical hands like ours). In church, we speak often of the “hand of God” at work. By this we meant that God is actually & genuinely working in our midst in a very awesome and powerful way. In the Bible, the phrase “God’s hands” refers to the power, the providence, the provisions, and the protection of God. Our windows show God graciously and willingly offering His revelation to us, as well as being open to receive any who will come humbly & Biblically to Him.

From God’s “left” hand in our windows comes and illustration of “general revelation.” General revelation is that which God gives naturally to all people. General revelation includes Nature (Psalms 19:1-6), which shows people God’s “eternal power & divine nature” (Romans 1:20; Isa 40:26), the conscience (Rom 2:15) which shows people God’s moral desires, and history (Acts 14:15-17; Ex 9:16). Our window focuses on the general revelation of nature. The beauty, tranquility, & variety all remind us of the incredible power, goodness, and creativeness of our God. Before sin, the natural creation was without the problems & death, and it was pronounced “good” by the perfect God. Because of sin, general revelation alone is insufficient for us to understand the way of salvation.

From God’s “right” hand in our windows we see the other way that God speaks to us which is through “special revelation.” “Special revelation” is God’s disclosure to humans of the only way to salvation, His truth, His character, His values and His plan. It is in the Bible that God reveals to us all we need to know for life and godliness. As our picture illustrates, the Bible shows us that there is only one path to God. It is a narrow path, so we cannot deviate or go a way that “seems fine” to us & still end up in good standing before God. The narrow path leads to the cross, where Jesus died for our sins, thus providing an eternal & judicial payment for our sins. But the cross is empty because Jesus rose bodily form the dead. God’s hand is open at the cross, not just because He has freely revealed the way out of spiritual darkness and lostness, but also because God is willing and waiting to accept any who will come on the narrow path to the cross and there humble themselves in repentance before God.

Encircling both windows are the clear words of the gospel as recorded in John 3:16. It is the “good news” of Jesus that we seek to frame all area of our life. This “special revelation” makes it clear what each of us must do on our own!