Did they really find the tomb of Jesus and his family?

On Sunday, March 4, 2007 the Discovery channel aired a special that claims there is compelling evidence that they have found a tomb with Jesus, his wife and his son buried in it. Since the Bible gives a very different picture of Jesus, it is important to look at the evidence in an open-minded way so that the truth can be known which ever way it leads. 

There are many clear evidences that this is just another Hollywood attempt at novelty without any objective truth. 

  1. The archaeologist who excavated the Jerusalem burial site says the claims are preposterous. There is nothing there to identify the family with Jesus.
  2. Every actual fact mentioned on the show was published over a decade ago - there is nothing new in the show (even though that is their claim)
  3. Professor Pfann, who appears in the show, doubts the movie's claims
  4. In fact Pfann, an expert in Semitic languages, doesn't even believe the writing says "Jesus" at all
  5. The names "Jesus", "Mary" or "Joseph" were among the most common names of that day. To say that gives great evidence simply isn't true. They have found a number of different tomb's with "Jesus, son of Joseph" written in it. 

The list goes on and we hope you head over to National Geographic News to see more details for yourself - http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2007/02/070228-jesus-tomb.html . If the special made you "feel" like the claims may be true, this isn't surprising since the special was produced by Hollywood director James Cameron who has made it his career to make that which isn't real look very real. 

Thank you for considering the truth instead of sensationalized feelings